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Do you have warrants at the court?

The DMV will suspend your license for warrants for failure to pay your fines or failure to appear at the court.

Are you aware that making a promise with the Traffic Court and then failing to honor that promise will lead to a suspension of your driver's license by the DMV?

The broken promises are often failure to appear at the court of failing to pay your fines as agreed. In either case, the broken promise leads to a warrant for your arrest being issued by the court. And that warrant is reported to the DMV and then the DMV suspends your license.

The situation can be bad for you if it is one warrant and can be much worse if there are numerous warrants.

Another problem can come about when you receive a routine traffic ticket after your license has been suspended by the DMV for your failure to pay you fine or failure to appear as you had promised. This leads to a ticket for driving on a suspended license. This is a serious matter and cannot be ignored for long.

As a Former Attorney for the DMV, I can discuss all your options with you and provide you with advice you can rely upon.

But there is a solution for you. The courts are eager to attempt to clear up the situation. And clearing the situation with the court is the first step in recovering your driver's license.

Having worked as an Attorney in the legal office of the DMV, I am uniquely qualified to fight on your behalf and counter any evidence being considered by the DMV Hearing Officer.