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Vision Hearings and Evaluations

On many occasions, the DMV is considering some action relating to your vision. This can come about in various ways. As a former DMV Attorney, I am very familiar with the requirements and rules of the minimum vision requirements of the DMV.

One of the biggest ways the DMV becomes concerned about your vision is during the normal renewal of your driver's license.

Another way that the DMV becomes aware of a possible vision problem is during a routine traffic stop by a local police officer.

It is part of the job of law enforcement officers to notify the DMV when they encounter a driver who the officer thinks might be having vision problems.

In many cases under state law, your doctor has supplied information to the DMV indicating that you have encountered a medical situation that may affect your ability to safely operate an automobile.

The DMV's goal is not to prevent you from driving, but rather to determine if you possess the minimum qualifications to continue driving or to have your driver's license reinstated if it has been revoked. It is my job to assist you in presenting the strongest argument that you should get your license reinstated. To succeed, you must pass the written test; a more in depth vision test and finally the Driving Performance Evaluation which is a driving test with a little more strict evaluation.

With suspensions or revocations based upon your vision, as a Former DMV Attorney, I am quite familiar with the steps to be followed. All cases are unique and must be determined upon your set of circumstances and conditions.

The DMV has a significant block of vision related data and has established minimum standards that they use to determine fitness for driving. However, your doctor has the ability to give the best opinion of the condition of your eyes and vision and the DMV will give due consideration to the opinion of your doctor.

It is my job to obtain a favorable recommendation from your doctor. So one of the first things we are going to do is consult with your doctor.

It is always helpful for your doctor to write a brief letter stating they believe that you are presently qualified to drive a motor vehicle. Sometimes your doctor, with my help, may want to recommend any restrictions that might be placed upon your driving privilege.

I will ask your physician or your eye care specialist to fill out the DMV's Report of Vision Examination form.

In some cases, I may choose to appear at the DMV and ask for an "instruction Permit." This is a permit that allows you to drive while in the car with a state-licensed driving instructor.

The "instruction permit" will have limits but will have a duration that is long enough to allow you to receive the instruction that you need. The object is to practice proper driving skills under the trained eye of a professional driving instructor. In many cases, the driving instructor will help you to relearn old skills while reminding you to eliminate bad habits. The driving instructor may also tell you things that DMV will be looking during your drive test.

This training will make you much more confident and competent when you to take your driving test.