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Fraud involving the DMV

There are various types of fraud that relate to the DMV. There is driver’s license fraud that can occur when one person uses the driver’s license of another. Then there is a type fraud that occurs when a person uses another person’s identification to obtain a state issued driver’s license.

Most of these types of criminal activity are prosecuted under Section 20 of the Vehicle Code as misdemeanors. Then there is a class of criminal activity where fraudulent driver’s licenses are used in various other type of serious criminal conduct. These can be welfare fraud where the fraudulently obtained driver’s licenses are used in furtherance of more serious criminal activity. This can come in a situation where welfare fraud crosses over to the DMV. These crimes are often prosecuted as felonies.

The DMV is also involved in licensing various activities like car dealers or auto dismantlers, under what they call occupational licenses. There can be many types of fraud such as “odometer tampering,” switching of identification numbers and false advertising.

As a DMV Attorney and Senior Special Investigator for the DMV, I was intimately involved with many of these prosecutions. I was involved in cases involving mass advertising fraud by auto dealers. I was the lead investigator in a case that defined California Vehicle Code, section 20, which makes it illegal to give false information to the DMV. (People vs Millar. LA County-Unpublished).

I was also intimately involved in developing a new method for prosecuting welfare fraud when it involved a fraudulently obtained driver’s license. Since leaving the DMV, I have spent over 20 years in representing many people who have been charged with similar violations of the law.

If you or someone you know is charged with any type of fraud that involves any part of the DMV, I am uniquely qualified to represent you or that person. If this should happen to you or someone you know it is extremely important for you or that person to retain the services of a qualified attorney. In my opinion, the best attorney for the job is John Rance, who formerly worked as a DMV Attorney in the legal office of the DMV.