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About John S. Rance

I attend California State University located in Long Beach, California; I graduated 1981, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminology.

I later earned my law degree graduating with a Juris Doctorate from Western State University located in Fullerton California.

While at DMV, I was sent to Rio Hondo College to obtain a Junior College Teaching Certificate. This certificate was necessary because I was selected to teach classes at the DMV’s Academy for Basic Training of DMV Investigators and DMV’s Academy for Advanced Officer Training.

I began my career in the DMV as a Special Investigator with the DMV. Within a short time, I promoted to Senior Special Investigator.

It was not too long after that time that I found my place in the legal office as an attorney.

As a former Senior Special Investigator for the DMV, I was intimately involved with many of these prosecutions. I was involved in cases involving mass advertising fraud by auto dealers. I was the lead investigator in a case that defined California Vehicle Code, section 20, which makes it illegal to give false information to the DMV. (People vs. Millar. LA County-Unpublished).

I was also intimately involved in developing a new method for prosecuting welfare fraud when it involved a fraudulently obtained driver’s license.

As a DMV Attorney at DMV, I was called upon litigate from the bottom to the top. Some small items could be considered revoking “vanity license plates” that had been deemed by the DMV to inappropriate with hidden meaning. And on the top of the spectrum was being called upon to render a legal opinion to the Director of DMV as to a proposed course of action to be taken on a dealer license.

And between those two items on the top and the bottom, you could find everything in the DMV. In total, I worked approximately five years at the DMV. I have experience in handling all aspects of DMV license actions and have represented thousands of clients before the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Since leaving the DMV, I have spent over 20 years in representing many people who have been charged with similar violations of the law. In total, I have represented hundreds if not thousands of people before the DMV.

In my opinion, if the job concerns a matter relating to the DMV, I am the best attorney for the job because I was a DMV lawyer who worked in the legal office of the DMV.