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Do I need an Attorney in a DMV driver's license matter?

In any matter before the DMV, you have a right to have a DMV attorney represent you. While there is no requirement that you have legal representation, you need to keep in mind that the DMV is contacting you to change the status of your driving license. You have a driver’s license and the DMV is considering a modification. They may want to restrict it or to revoke it.

To assist in making your decision, your DMV lawyer will need information specific to your unique facts. DMV Hearings are administrative law proceedings that take place in front of a California Department of Motor Vehicles. What happens is that the DMV selects a Hearing Officer who acts as investigator, prosecutor and judge.

Although a DMV hearing is an administrative hearing, it is complex. In some cases, the rules of evidence are relaxed and in some cases the Administrative Proceeding is conducted under special rules or laws.

As a DMV Attorney who formerly worked at the DMV, I will give you the best opportunity to achieve the desired outcome at your hearing.

Considering that your driver's license may be on the line, it is imperative that you obtain the assistance of a DMV attorney at the earliest opportunity. Some important matters are required to be handled in the early days after you receive your notice.

By hiring me as yourDMV Lawyer, you are insuring that your case is properly prepared and that all the necessary paperwork is filed in a timely manner. In some matters, you must request a hearing in a timely manner or the DMV may consider that you accept their proposed action and order a suspension or revocation.

Another item that must be handled early in your matter is obtaining all the information about you and your case that is in the possession of the DMV. This allows for the proper analysis and planning of a strategy in your case. This is known discovery.

These discovery documents may include your complete driving record, any records of prior hearings, accidents and any conclusions that the DMV may have made, like a lack of skill, medical impairments, suspensions or revocation.

Having me as your DMV Lawyer insure you have selected the best strategy to protect your legal rights.

Any loss of your driving privilege, whether it is temporary or permanent, can have a disastrous and dramatic effect.