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Do you need a DMV lawyer or DMV Attorney?
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Trouble with the DMV?

As a former DMV attorney in the legal office of the California DMV, I believe I have the unique skills needed for you to keep or regain your driver’s license.

I am also well qualified to handle your auto dealer problem with the DMV. (For auto dealers, please read below or click in the "legal specialties.")

I formerly worked in the Legal Office of the California DMV, and am uniquely qualified as a DMV Lawyer to represent Senior Drivers, as well as drivers of all ages, at DMV hearings.

As a Senior Driver advancing in age, has the DMV contacted you about…

  • Your medical condition?
  • Seizure disorder?
  • Diabetes?
  • A lack of skill hearing?
  • A reexamination of your driving privilege?
  • Your vision?
  • Your tickets or accidents?

Or as a motorist generally, has the DMV, contacted you about some special situation related to your driving or your auto insurance?

Medical hearings can cover a range from lapses of consciousness, seizures, diabetes, pacemakers to amputations.

The DMV has an interest in the driving ability of all drivers on the road.

No matter the reason for the contact by DMV, you will be best served by me as your DMV Lawyer because I was formerly a DMV attorney in the legal office of the California Department of Motor Vehicles.

I have handled hundreds, if not thousands of DMV Hearings. Furthermore, since leaving my employment at the DMV, I have specialized over 25 years in DMV hearings related to lack of skill, or reexamination of your driving privileges, medical conditions including seizures, lapses of consciousness, dementia and vision problems.

Let me be your DMV attorney to keep your driver's license or to earn your license back. As a qualified DMV lawyer, I am sure I can solve your DMV hearing.

Finally, as a Senior Special Investigator in the Investigations Division of the DMV, I am best qualified to represent auto dealers in any matter before the Department of Motor Vehicles.

I have qualified many times as an expert witness in matters that relate to the DMV. Judges have ruled that I am “qualified to testify about things that I know from personal knowledge from having actually worked as a DMV lawyer.”

As an attorney who formerly worked as a DMV Senior Special Investigator and a DMV Hearing Attorney for the California DMV, I am uniquely qualified to be your California DMV hearing attorney.

So call me at 714-376-1824 to discuss how I can help you.